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The One Thing Most Small Businesses and Nonprofits Lack

At On Belay, we're huge fans of both small businesses and nonprofits. Both are drivers of economic wellbeing for the people they represent. But in our work with clients, it's also clear that both also tend to punch under their weight.

The reason for this?

They typically don't have access to the same resources that larger organizations have.

At a larger organization, it's common to send teams and individuals to annual trainings, or to bring in thought leaders who lead workshops on the latest tools and practices, followed by annual refreshers.

Small organizations, on the other hand, rely on the expertise of their CEO, or perhaps a small team of under-resourced staff. This is not to denigrate the skill of these individuals, or the quality of their work, but it does limit the size to which the organization can grow, and the profit margin they can achieve.

That's one of the reasons we started our consulting business--to be able to provide best-in-class resources to the companies and nonprofits who didn't have the luxury of accessing them through other channels.

These days, it's not that the information isn't publicly available, it's a question of whether or not you can find what you need in the midst of all the noise.

To be "on belay" is to know someone has your back and is dedicated to your success so that you can focus on what you need to make your business or nonprofit grow, without having to worry about the rest.

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