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How to Create Your First Pinterest Ad Campaign: A Tutorial

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As seen on Hearst Bay


So you’ve grown your business from a hobby that took a couple of hours on the weekend into a full-time gig. And what’s more, you’ve done it all using nothing more than a free Pinterest account as your marketing and sales platform.


But now you’ve reached a tipping point.

It’s time to decide whether to keep going at your current growth level or increase your rate of growth and hire your first employee.

Or maybe you’re just fine-tuning your business to increase profitability—you’ve identified the products with the greatest ROI, and you want to focus on growing that segment.

Either way, learning to leverage Pinterest to maximum effect will be crucial to your success (of course, you should also expand to other platforms, but since you’re already familiar with Pinterest, let’s start where you already have working knowledge).

Why Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t get as much love as other social media platforms, but with 250 million monthly active users, it should. Not only does it have a 40% penetration rate, like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest cuts across a wide age demographic of users...

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