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Is It Really Easier to Grow Your Business 1000%?

I was reading a book this week and came across the quote, "It is easier to grow your business by 1000% than it is to grow it by 100%." Obviously (hopefully) tongue in cheek, there is something to this. If your goal is to grow a little--say to acquire one new customer next quarter--you're going to continue doing the same things you've always done. If you're making cold sales calls, or sending email campaigns, you'll continue doing the same thing, just amping up the pace a little.

But what if your goal is real growth? What if your strategic goal was to achieve the possible rather than the probable?

For most businesses, both big and small, some reasonable level of growth can be assumed every year as long as you are faithfully serving your customers. Generally speaking, healthy things grow (a phrase my first boss was fond of back in the day).

But what would it take to achieve more? To set your sights on abnormal growth? It would require doing something different. That's a lot of the consulting work that we do. When you get On Belay, we help you think through your strategy, find areas where you can think and execute big, and grow in ways that you've never grown before.

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