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Adam Smith Would Have Loved the Internet--and Why That Matters to You

The great moral philosopher Adam Smith was known as “the Father of Economics.” An astute observer of wealth and security, he believed the two greatest discoveries of all time were the discovery of America and the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope.

What made them so important in his mind?

He believed that the well-being of a nation depends upon the wealth of the nation. And the wealth of a nation depends upon the size of the markets available to its businesses.

These two discoveries meant that ships could now trade with larger markets, increasing the profitability of their companies, and as a result, increasing the well-being of the people.

In sum, the bigger the market, the better the access to wealth and security.

Adam Smith lived in the 1700s, but I imagine that if he lived today, he would simplify his list of important events to one thing: The Birth of the Internet.

The Internet expands the market for your brand exponentially, far more than Adam Smith ever dreamed.

Digital marketing is the ship that allows you to sail this vast new ocean.

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