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Integrated Marketing Strategies

Ever try to get a herd of cats moving in the right direction?

It's nearly impossible. But that's what it's like to get all your channels working together within the same strategic framework.

A customer data-driven strategy will allow you to integrate your marketing and advertising clearly and easily. It focuses your effort. It makes sure each part works within a cohesive whole.

This may sound confusing—after all, advertising technically falls under the umbrella of marketing.

But in practice, without customer data to build decisions on, marketing strategy and advertising solutions don’t always align.

An ad agency’s vision for reaching customers may seem to meet the requirements set out by the marketing team, but if the marketing strategy hasn’t been developed from real customer data, an ad campaign may flop—not because the ad agency failed at their job, but because the marketing team failed to know their customer.

With good data, marketers can communicate customer preferences clearly to their ad agencies, and expect to see better results.

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